Our Story

Our motto “AIEN APIΣTEYEIN”, meaning “FOREVER EXCELLING” – inspires every member of the College community to strive to achieve their personal best in all aspects of their lives.

Proud History at St George College

Established in 1983, St George College was the first Orthodox College in South Australia. In 1984, there were 31 students across Years 1 to 3 in attendance at the College – a small, humble beginning built on the Christian virtues modelled by Saint George.

Our College was established to:

  • Provide excellence in education through high quality teaching and learning programs
  • Provide an additional and credible educational choice for parents
  • Ensure the effective teaching and learning of the Orthodox Faith and that of the Modern Greek language

College Emblem

Our Emblem affirms the centrality and importance of the Orthodox Faith throughout daily life and makes explicit our spiritual and administrative links to our parent community of St George Thebarton and Western Suburbs Inc.

The intersection of the olive branch and the sprig of wattle symbolise the meeting and interaction of the Australian and Greek cultures in the true sense of multiculturalism and as a critical precondition to effective and constructive local and global citizenship. The shield of St George with the Holy Cross at its centre affirms our faith and makes explicit our spiritual and administrative links to the greater community.

Path to Success

Today, students from Playgroup to Year 12 thrive in an environment that provides high quality education within state-of-the-art facilities.

Our substantial growth is testament to our commitment to our Christian origins, the wider community and our dedication to children’s holistic education.

Desire for Diversity

Although a Christian faith based College, we are proud of our culturally and linguistically diverse student population and give all enrolment applications equal consideration (irrespective of nationality, religious background and/or gender).

Increasing the social, cultural and linguistic diversity of our community remains an important goal here at the College and it will continue to contribute to our proud story in years to come.

Our strong international reputation has been developed by delivering quality education in a safe community-based environment.

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