Student Leadership

We believe that every student has the right to contribute, to have a voice – the Student Leadership Team is that voice.

This elected team of two Year 12 students (Prefects) and 20 members from years 3 to 12 (Student Representative Council) meets once a month as a democratic vehicle to:

  • improve the quality of school life for all students through student leadership programs
  • promote education and its values throughout the Junior and Senior years of schooling
  • maintain effective communication with their peers and teachers concerning College matters.

As role models and ambassadors, members are required to support the ethos, values and culture of St George College, plus carry out specific responsibilities, including:

  • interaction with dignitaries as requested by the Principal
  • organising and managing fundraising activities
  • supporting all activities of Parents and Friends of St George College
  • wearing the College Uniform correctly and with pride
  • playing a role in many activities throughout the year, including Graduation, end of year concerts and special assemblies
  • discussion of matters brought before them by students
  • deal with matters referred to them by the Principal.
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