Parents & Friends

The Parents and Friends Committee plays a vital role in building and promoting a sense of community with the parents, friends, students and staff of our College, whilst fund raising through various activities.

Since the establishment of our College, the Committee has made significant contributions towards our school’s facilities, and has been vital in encouraging community participation and support, whilst having fun along the way as well!

Committee functions are to:

  1. Promote a sense of community and cooperation amongst parents, friends, students and staff of the College as well as the wider school community.
  2. Provide a social aspect for parents and supporters of our school, to come together and host various fundraising events throughout the year.
  3. Raise funds for the purchase of equipment or development of facilities on a needs basis as identified in consultation with the Principal, students and staff for the benefit of students, staff and the College
  4. Provide a forum for parents to discuss ideas and relevant matters that will benefit the educational and general facilities for the students

Become involved in our school community!

We welcome and encourage all families to become actively involved in the Parents and Friends committee. Meetings are held monthly and all assistance whether great or small is welcomed and appreciated. Each committee member contributes his or her ideas, unique skill, knowledge and experience, which ultimately leads to successful events for the benefit of our students and College.

Contact us:
For further information, please contact the committee members at:

Additionally, you may register to receive information regarding upcoming events.

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