Middle School (5-8)

The Middle Years of schooling are some of the most important in the developmental stages of our young adolescents – marking a time where they begin to look for relationships and ideas beyond the immediate family.

The Middle Years of schooling mark a stage in the development of students where they begin to look for relationships and ideas beyond the immediate family. During this stage of development, they seek acceptance not only from their families and teachers, but mostly from their peers.

At St George College we understand the complexities associated with this stage of development and have structured our curriculum so as to offer students opportunities to develop the skills, values and attitudes which will help them progress into the more complex area of Senior School.

We also provide our students with a supportive, nurturing and affirming environment where growth can occur, and significant learning can take place.

Year 5-8 Curriculum Handbook

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Middle Years Curriculum

Students are encouraged to engage with a wide range of texts, materials, technologies and learning experiences in their study of the eight common learning areas:

  • Arts: Drama, Music and Visual Art
  • English
  • Greek
  • Digital Technology
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • Humanities
  • Physical Education
  • Food and Hospitality

Students have extensive access to Information Technology, our Performing Arts and Sports Centre, Science Laboratory, Music Centre, and Library, providing opportunities to maximise learning for success in these challenging years of schooling.

In addition to the standard curriculum student learning is support by English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) program and the Learning Needs Support Team.

A balanced education

St George College recognises that co-curricular activities represent an essential part of our students’ total educational experiences. The Co-Curricular Program at St George College is based on the interest of the students and provides them with the opportunity to develop the whole person in preparation for active citizenship in the world beyond school. These activities offer students opportunities to develop skills in teamwork, co-operation, self-discipline and commitment. St George College actively encourages students to explore and enjoy a sense of community and identity.

Focus on faith

Underpinning our educational philosophy is a focus on the Orthodox faith. Our students develop values such as respect for self and others, a sense of responsibility and accountability for actions, and behaviours with a sense of community.

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