Education based on Christian values is integral to the spiritual development and personal growth of our students.

Christian values education is integral to spiritual development and personal growth of our students. The focus on the Orthodox Faith provides our students with learning opportunities which develop the connection between spiritual, moral, ethical and social responsibilities and deeper understanding of the world around them. Participation in Church service and significant religious events are a vital part of the Spiritual Education Program at the College.

We encourage reflection on the attributes of our patron saint, St George who demonstrated attributes of courage, strength and advocacy for the poor and for those who endured persecution for their beliefs. This is evident in the daily lives of our students who are actively involved in Fund Raising activities to support charitable organisations.

Our Hospitality Trade Training Centre students host an annual Big Morning Tea where they showcase their culinary and events management skills for this important cause. Other fundraiser activities such as Casual Days, Bad Hair Day, Jeans for Genes Day, and Boxes of Love go towards worthy organizations and causes including: Cancer Council, Children’s Medical Research Institute, Greek Welfare, Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS); Salvation Army, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, World Vision and natural disaster causes.

Students are also actively involved in community service and undertake activities such as visiting and performing at aged care facilities, community centres and at special community events.

Our students are encouraged to support each other in our Peer Mentoring Programs and through the Student Representative Council.




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