Day 1 – Hangzhou Chongwen Experimental School

Learning about Australia and its identity is an important lesson for all students and when our 19 eager students from Chongwen school in China visited recently they were lucky enough to get an insight into this identity through their discovery of Indigenous peoples and their art work, namely dot painting.

The students firstly learnt about the history of dot painting and the meaning behind the symbols then they were thrown head first into their own dot painting experience. Students had the opportunity to dot paint on a boomerang which will be a great souvenir to remember Australia and St George College by. All of the dot paintings were fantastic and it was great to see the smiles on their faces as they were able to experience throwing their boomerangs adorned by their meticulous art work. The students were also able to interact and form a buddy relationship with three of our Year 10 students Jiyoung, Alicia and Jasmine who helped out on the day.

All in all the students had a great time and will have fond memories of their experience.


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