Welcome to our visitors from Guangdong Country Garden School in China!!!



A huge welcome to our visitors from Guangdong Country Garden School in China! Everyone here at St George College has been eagerly awaiting your arrival – and now you have arrived it is an absolute pleasure to finally have you with us.
热烈欢迎来自中国广东碧桂园师生来校参观。 圣乔治学院的每一位师生因你们的到来倍感荣幸。

Although we have an exciting week planned for you, we would also like to ensure that you relax and unwind so that you can enjoy the beautiful sights and natural attractions that South Australia has to offer.

我们在为你们的学习周做了充分准备的同时也会保证带你们领略美丽的南澳风光,希望你们能度过轻松愉快有意义的一周。中澳文化交流活动给了学生机会去体验不同的文化, 宗教和地域背景。 这充分的给了学生们机会更好的体验多元文化。

Click to see photos of the day one introductions! 

Welcome to our brave young visitors who are visiting from Guangdong Country Garden School (广东碧桂园学校) in the Shunde District, Foshan City, just south of Guangzhou, in the People’s Republic of China.


Exchange programs expose children to different cultural, religious and geographic backgrounds and in doing so provide an opportunity for students to develop a greater understanding of cultural diversity.



Exchange programs assist students to develop positive relationships through building mutual respect and understanding for new cultures. This helps children to develop the knowledge and skills needed for participation in our multicultural society and success in our global economy.



All of us at St George College are very excited to learn more about Guangdong Country Garden School in China!



A little about Guangdong Country Garden School…



The School was founded by the Shunde Property Development Co Ltd on September 1994 as a non-profit co-educational private boarding school.


学校占地380亩。 目前有从年龄3岁到18岁不等的4300多名学生。

front gates

The School is located in the Shunde District, Foshan City, just south of Guangzhou, in the People’s Republic of China. The School’s 4,300 students, aged between 3 and 18, are spread across an enormous campus of 33 hectares!



The School caters for over 4,300 students and employs 650 locally sourced teachers and over 100 international teachers. The School has successfully offered the International Baccalaureate since 2001.


School Philosophy

  • Educational Model: Ensure the fundamentals, develop the personality, and serve the society.
  • Learner Profile: To cultivate world elites with Chinese identity and international mindedness.
  • School Ethos: Be rational and courteous.


  • 教育模式:保证基础,发展个性,服务社会。
  • 培养目标:培养具有中国灵魂和世界眼光的国际精英。
  • 校风:文明有礼,通情达理。


From China to Australia:



A little about Adelaide, our College and our Community…

  • In 1836, a city named Adelaide was born with a proclamation under a gumtree at Glenelg, now a seaside suburb west of the city. Adelaide is South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital.
  • Its ring of parkland on the River Torrens is home to renowned museums such as the Art Gallery of South Australia, displaying expansive collections including noted Indigenous art, and the South Australian Museum, devoted to natural history. 
  • Adelaide was established as a colony for the free settlers and is the only capital city that was inhabited by free settlers from its inception.


On 12 February, the Adelaide Fringe commenced! It is the world’s second-largest annual arts festival, and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

2月12日 阿德莱德秀隆重开始了。这是全世界第二大,南半球最大的一年一度的艺术节


  • Adelaide has been nicknamed the City of Churches because of the exquisite architectural designs which are abound the beautiful city. At the heart of the two campuses at St George College is the Community & Parish of St George.
  • Archbishop Ezekiel conducted the official opening of the Church on 14 August 1966. In June 1970, the Community of Saint George commenced a new period of progress and expansion with the appointment of Reverend Father Diogenis Patsouris.


  • The development of a bilingual Greek Orthodox College was the dream and vision of Very Rev Father Patsouris OAM, JP who initiated discussions with the Premier of South Australia, Honourable David Tonkin, in 1980. St George College was established in 1983 and first opened its doors in February 1984.


Now back to the photos of our guests…




name check




One of the absolute best features of exchange programs is the chance  to make new friends which last for a lifetime!



We hope you enjoy learning about our culture and enjoy the natural beauty South Australia has to offer. We would like you to get a real feel for Australian life so that you return home with lots of fond memories!


group photo

Thanks to James Tan of CEI for this wonderful opportunity. 




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