Republic of Korea Students, Welcome! Thanks Tony Choi of StudySA !!

uniform3St George College is proud of its diverse cultural and linguistic student composition and welcomes international students in search of educational excellence.

St George College recently reached out to one of Australia’s international partners – the Republic of Korea (more commonly referred to as South Korea).

Education has been a major export for South Australia with South Korea being one of the largest sources of international enrolments. South Australia provides a high-quality education in a safe and friendly environment at a reasonable cost and hence is one of the most popular destinations for Korean students.


St George College was delighted to attend the Korea Study Abroad Fair 2015 held in Seoul. Held at the Coex international exhibition centre, Seoul, this event is the largest study abroad exhibition in Korea.

study abroad

Ahem, “abroad”.

Huge thanks and warm regards to our International Agent and strategic partner, Tony Choi of StudySA. As a representative of both our College and further education in South Australia, Tony widens communication channels between South Australia and the Republic of Korea.

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Tony Choi of StudySA advises a family interested in the Australian Education System.

The Korea Study Abroad & Emigration Fair brings more than 600 schools and associations related to studying abroad from 20 countries with also 50 associations related to emigration from 10 countries.


coex fair

Korea Study Abroad Fair for 2015 received over 50,000 visitors and 580 exhibitors from 38 countries over the two day event.


South Korea is a rapid-growing education-market with students who are eager to improve their global competitiveness and parents who are keen interested in their children, especially in the part of education. Every year about 300,000 people are going to study abroad or get language courses.


Incredibly, the number of Korean students studying abroad is increasing. According to a recent report, Korean students studying abroad has jumped more than 32 percent over the past five years.


Australia’s connection with South Korea started in 1889 when Australian Protestant missionaries visited South Korea.


Our representative in South Korea.


Korean migration to Australia began in the 1970’s and has gradually increased over the years.


There were 60 Koreans living in Australia in 1970. Today there are approximately 72,963 people of Korean ethnic origin living in Australia. Korean is the first language of about 150,000 people living in Australia.

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Australia and the Republic of Korea are strong economic, political and strategic partners with common values and interests.


Our important economic relationship continues to expand with the signature on 8 April 2014 of the Korea Australia Free Trade Agreement (click flags below for more information).


Korea Australia Free Trade Agreement

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South Korea is a key market for Australian minerals, energy and travel and education services and Australia is a major market for South Korean passenger vehicles, petroleum, and electronic goods and parts.


There is a direct benefit to the Australian economy in the provision of educational services to Koreans wishing to study in Australia. Broader long-term benefit comes, however, from a greater understanding by Australians of Korean culture.




This can arise through contact and collaboration at all stages of the Australian education system—from secondary to postgraduate studies and beyond. Benefits will include increased trade, and international collaboration at both government and business levels.





Additional photographs of Seoul, Korea:

Water Statue

Not entirely dissimilar to Glenelg, SA…



Kids playing

Incredible Statue



An incredible mixture of traditional and modern architecture.

market fruit

Fruit market in Seoul



seoul dawn

Dawn breaks in Seoul


Jjimjilbang (Korean bath house) – birthday suits only please.

Seoul at Night



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