David Albano presents at the History Teachers’ Association of Australia National Conference, “Racing Into History”


On September 29th David Albano presented two workshops at the History Teachers Association of Australia’s National Conference entitled “Racing Into History”.

The History Teachers’ Association of Australia (HTAA) National Conference, Racing Into History, hosted by the HTAV featured an impressive range of workshops, lectures and practical seminars.

With ninety sessions over three jam-packed days, including a range of prominent speakers and educators, the event offered a comprehensive selection of ideas for effective classroom teaching practice.


This special occasion was an opportunity to put St George College on a National Scale with teachers and school leaders from all across Australia attending my workshops.


The name of David’s Workshop was “History is the name of the game”. The workshop was well attended with both sessions drawing more than 40 people. Feedback from participants was excellent.

Take a look at some highlights in the video below of this HTAV event held at Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne.

Link to site: http://www.htav.asn.au/conference/program-14/program

David Albano, St George College, South Australia
David has five years’ experience in education and teaching. He has contributed to the design and presentation of professional development for his colleagues at St George College, South Australia, as well as for pre-service teachers in Adelaide.

David graduated from Flinders University with a degree in middle/secondary education. He received the 2010 Flinders University Medal, the 2011 Department of Education and Children’s Services School Centres for Excellence Scholarship (South Australia) and four Chancellor’s Letters of Commendation. He is secretary of the History Teachers’ Association of South Australia.


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