Ambassador of Greece visits St George College!

On Wednesday 24 June 2015, the Ambassador of Greece, Mr Haralambos Darafanos, visited our proud College.cons

He spoke eloquently to our College Prefects, Anthony Nicola and Eleni Skoumbourdis; Year 12 SRC, Dimitra Papadopoulos and Dimitri Lyrtzis and Year 11 student Victoria Papanikolaou.

His Excellency spoke to the students about the importance of maintaining a sense of Hellenism in their lives.  

This was especially during the trying times our fellow Greek people are facing in Greece and to be proud of their heritage.

Furthermore, he reminded them to speak Greek and to live the culture, values and traditions instilled in them at St George College.

Miss Angela Drakopoulos

  • Student Services Coordinator & Manager of Modern Greek

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